Branding case — Stylish

Style is a reflection of the inner world. So special, deep, perfect in its own way. To feel the client and help him shine with even more power is the star of Stylish.

The founders of the brand, Azamat and Anastasia Ertukhanov, approached us to redesign the corporate identity in the midst of a pandemic. The company was preparing to celebrate a decade. At this time, the inspirational energy of beauty was needed not only for Stylish, which had 'grown up' from its previous visual framework, but for all visitors to the salons in different cities of the country. And this renewal was a truly magical and vibrant spring 2020 event.
We renovated the logo, created a monogram and refreshed the corporate colours. The shimmering star, complementing the concise font, sparkles like Stylish’s clients, whose images are appealing and mesmerising.
If we talk about the Stylish team, they are a big family, an amalgamation of people who love the company endlessly. Their synergy resembles a beautiful star with each ray shimmering in unison with the others.
And the best Stylish fairies are rewarded with a precious star. Symbolic, isn't it?
In ten years, not only company Stylish has grown, but also a whole generation of brand fans. The new logo font emphasises sophistication and femininity in its most multifaceted way.
Fashion is fleeting. Style can be carried through a lifetime and its shimmer will echo through new generations for years to come.
The Stylish team places great emphasis on service and customer care. Trying on beautiful clothes is even more enjoyable when accompanied by a delicious beverage. Hot tea will help you to get warm after a frosty street and aromatic coffee will cheer you up and predispose you for an exciting journey to the style galaxy.
An aphoristic monogram with a starlet evoked a wave of emotion in Anastasia — a concise image with a slight hint of a fairy tale. A world of magic and fairy tale. Everything that is so close to the Stylish philosophy and their delightful clients.
The admirers of Stylish are like the Milky Way, catching the eye and mesmerising the beauty. And the brand like rays of light naturally and easily crosses distances, opening branches and lighting up new cities.
Stylish is not about fashion. It’s about the energy of colour, about freedom of self-expression, about a genuine love of self. Style is to stay true to yourself and shine brightly on the city streets!
Fall in love with life with every new step. Bossy Lady is a brand of stylish shoes for girls who want to be on trend and not get lost in the crowd of the big city.