Branding case — Bossy Lady

Fall in love with life with every new step. Bossy Lady is a stylish footwear brand for girls who care about being on trend and not getting lost in the big city crowd. Sensual and alluring, bold and sexy. This is the feminine magic that turns a shoe boutique into something bigger and incredibly important — a community of beautiful ladies.

We designed the brand platform, logo and corporate identity for the company. A clear understanding of the messages being communicated, combined with a new design, marks a new stage in development. It is a particular pleasure to watch ideas take real form with Bossy Lady.
In the platform, we have highlighted the main traits that are inherent to the company. The very core values that Bossy Lady founder Elena Evdokimova puts into her life’s work.
Bossy Lady’s audience is young women. Bright fashionistas and modest smarts, adventurous career women and cosy mums. Different social roles can be played — and images can be chosen to suit the mood of the day.
The aim of the Bossy Lady brand identity work is to emphasise the uniqueness of the brand and to highlight distinctive features. It is important to create an emotional connection with customers and show how shoes can influence their feelings and self-presentation.
A sleek, elegant logo and sleek, minimalist monogram for a brand that helps thousands of girls catch the eye of passers-by.
The font of the logo is steady, like solid boots. The lines of the descriptor are flowing and light — like luxury "boats". You can be different, remember?
Style is about feeling. Details. Emotion.
Bossy Lady models are quality and ultra-trendy. For those who love to be the centre of attention. It was important to convey this mood when designing the branding.
Minimalism and a black and white colour scheme in the identity is the perfect frame for both romantic sandals and elegant loafers.
A timeless style.
Continuing with the implementation of our corporate identity, we have developed a set of printed materials.
Elegant tags, stickers, shoe care leaflets, gift vouchers and other elements that make the company’s image complete.
Give your loved one the emotion of buying new shoes with a certificate. Black on one side, white on the other, enclosed in a black envelope with white embossing. Bold, stylish, premium.
The certificate is personalised — it is possible to handwrite the recipient’s name to show respect and warmth towards the customer.
Pleasant atmosphere, fragrant drinks and personalized postcards give a sense of celebration from the purchase. As if unexpectedly got to a bachelorette party with my girlfriends.
Bossy Lady is a brand that values partners and customers. Branded New Year cards as a token of gratitude and respect.
Strolling around St Petersburg in the summer, losing your voice at a concert of your favourite band, sailing on a yacht on the Neva River at night and being the happiest of all — in shoes that evoke the senses!
Our sun burns with gold — as our hearts burn with fire. You’re sure to feel that warmth. During the creation of your branding.