The perfect outfit for your brand is a multitude of details. From a quality logo to a superb identity. Style is always much more than outward beauty. It is the core of the creator. Its character, values, aspirations.

You come to us for a visual image of the business and suddenly realise that new processes have started. You can no longer stop them. Your life’s work sounds like your voice. Expressively and to the heart. This result is born in the synergy of you and the Fortuna Family. We feel that now is the right time to get to know each other!
I am a design and work fanatic. I can’t eat or sleep until I feel that we have once again outdone ourselves in a new project or task. I know that the bar we have set is high, but there is always a new one ahead. There’s an incredible thrill in this movement. And it’s all for you and for you. Everyone who entrusts themselves to us becomes our family friend. Our heart is always open and we always have time in our schedule for a new project or urgent printing.
CEO Fortuna Bureau
Personality is the main source of inspiration. When we meet a new client, I have an incredible curiosity. To disassemble the meanings bit by bit, to learn the history, to fall in love with everyone’s life’s work, as if it were your own. There are English to Russian translators. We translate from the verbal to the visual. We set ourselves the goal that you can be understood without words all over the world!
Creative Director
Correct proportions and competent colouring don’t raise the question of whether it’s beautiful or not. It’s a science, and it doesn’t care what we think about it. The interest is in quality design everywhere, from the guideline of major corporations to the packaging of local biscuits.
Some people choose salmon and a glass of Prosecco for breakfast. For some, scrambled eggs and fried bacon would be ideal. Each client has a different background, outlook on life, temperament. This will be the starting point for "cooking" a signature style. It’s a special treat to offer you salmon or bacon before you’ve had time to tell them about it.
Graphic Designer
Design is about creating stories, microcosms. It’s a space within a certain task. It’s about listening and feeling. We spiral upwards, threading new elements of identity onto the thread of the corporate identity, thus forming its authenticity. With empathy, optimism and faith in each person and their life’s work.
Graphic Designer
Project management is physics. Conditions and solutions. You have to put all the data correctly into the formula. Then the processes go in the right rhythm. Which means that very soon we will see a new star light up. I love watching our clients' businesses start to shine brighter with new branding.
Project Manager
The truth is that our creative Fortuna Family is multi-faceted. Even when we choose a birthday cake, some come up with the design and others with the text we will write on it. Some of us make the payments and plan the logistics. What do we have in common? The atmosphere in which we all blow out the candles as we celebrate your new branding or website launch.
Maybe champagne?
Behind every project is our love and passion. You build your business and we’re always there for you. Just trust — it will be the most beautiful adventure of your life!