Branding case — Слышу Вижу

Every sound is an impression! You can only fully understand this truth if you lose the ability to hear well. Some face hearing loss due to age-related changes, but there are also congenital pathologies that need to be dealt with from an early age. Specialists at the European Hearing Aid Centers "HEAR SEE" provide patients with a full range of examinations and fitting of hearing aids of the world’s leading brands.

The clinic’s philosophy is based on up-to-date assistance to the hearing impaired: starting with European diagnostic equipment and ending with detailed consultations by surdologists, aimed at successful adaptation of patients to the new device. We have developed a brand platform, naming, logo and corporate identity for the company.
The auditory prosthetics market in Russia is in its crystallisation phase. The "HEAR SEE" Clinic gives patients a new perspective on the hearing aid fitting process. This is evidenced from the first touch by the unconventional, welcoming colour scheme and modern interior of the centres.
The centre’s shop offers more than 5,000 products for the hearing impaired as well as devices that make life easier for the visually impaired. The name "HEAR SEE" reflects this information and has a positive meaning — here patients exclaim: I can hear! I can see!
The iconic part of the logo is the silhouettes of an ear and a hearing aid, which form a heart. A symbol of care, warmth and support.
The brand graphic includes the faces of people. They are different and they are together. It is important that the hearing impaired are in the community and feel as comfortable and free as those around them.
Another line of branded graphics echoes the logo and logically forms a pattern. He is like the emotions and impressions of a person who hears well again.
Polygraphy also creates a pleasant impression in adults and young visitors alike through its colour and imagery.
A special feature of the centre is its approach to patient care. Consultations and tests are free of charge. A hearing impaired person can make an appointment with a doctor at any time to adjust settings or to have the device cleaned. This allows the device to be used to its full potential throughout its lifespan.
To create a comfortable environment for patients and residents in the surrounding area, all branches have pleasant exteriors and panoramic windows. As you walk by, you can take a peek into the lobby and touch the life of the centre. We have posted information about the company’s activities on the street signs. Patients can find their way around more easily, and passers-by will immediately recognise the purpose of the clinic.
Inside, patients are greeted by motivating posters that we have developed in two concepts: targeting adult visitors, children and their parents.
While waiting for the consultation, one can have a coffee in the soft zone or get acquainted with the most modern hearing aids. Patients have usually only seen these devices in pictures on the Internet and are not always aware of their actual size.
There are tiny behind-the-ear and in-the-ear devices that are not noticeable to others, even if the user wears a short haircut. It’s important to broadcast this, because it’s a brand insight:

"I want to hear all sounds, but keep the presence of a hearing aid a secret."
Many competitors talk about the return of hearing as a function, "HEAR SEE" shows that with modern hearing aids a new life begins, a new bright stage, communication, pleasure, joy.
The visual concept of the brand is obey to this rule.
Hearing is directly linked to the development of small children. Through sounds they absorb information and learn to communicate. Every month without hearing compensation entails a year of training with a speech therapist. That’s why the centre has facilities to make children feel at cosy.
It is important for parents to trust the professionals and feel calmly. Pleasant atmosphere, lively plants and a quiet colour scheme: this is not just design — it’s care.
Mission of "HEAR SEE": to use all our experience to make the lives of hearing-impaired people full and meaningful for society. We are happy to participate in this noble and important cause for society and believe that the sincere design and honest, professional approach of the centre’s team will help thousands and thousands more to regain a world full of sound!
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