Branding case — Alcedo

Alcedo is a bright and magical space. Its atmosphere is permeated by the aromas of Mediterranean cuisine. Birdsong and echoes of warm conversations are in the air. Here, Italian Primitivo and French Chateau dance in delicate glasses, showcasing their tannins. A place of meetings, conversations, laughter, service and cosiness.

Moscow Restaurant Alcedo surprises its guests with author’s cuisine and incredible designer interior. Lush greenery, extraordinary colour combinations. We have continued this story in the logo and bright corporate style. A case where delicious is not only about the kitchen!
The cosy, stylish, warm restaurant is named after the small bright alcedo bird, which is neatly placed in the logo, combining the interior concept, name and feeling of our customers.
The interior of the restaurant is done in deep, saturated hues. Sky blue, ochre and white are the colours of the exotic alcedo. We have used this colour palette as the basis for the house’s corporate identity.
The corporate graphic concept includes tropical wildlife prints. When a leopard graciously strides among the dense greenery, you should not remember that the action takes place in Moscow. Trust your feelings!
The bold choice blended in perfectly with Alcedo’s overall style. The spots of a cat of prey are in their proper place — in a restaurant inspired by southern nature.
The restaurant’s interior was designed by designers from Lampa Studio, whose founder is Yana Grosheva. It was she who recommended our bureau to the restaurateurs. Before that, we created a corporate identity for her studio.
In 2022, the Alcedo project was published on Elle decoration. We congratulate the owners of the restaurant and the Lampa Design Studio team on this occasion.
A romantic date or a lavish family celebration — the occasion may be different, the main thing is to choose the right place, impressive, as a journey over the horizon!
Or order takeaway food and take the atmosphere with you. What would you prefer today: fresh seafood or meat lightly spiced with delicate spices?
A little birdie alcedo invites you to enjoy a nice, tasty evening. And if you feel like a quick lunch on a workday afternoon? Meet a completely different in mood, but no less our favourite charismatic Pelican!
Bright, juicy and fresh as a crispy salad only from the hands of a chef. Here, the rhythms of the big city are embodied in the most notable values of millennials — eating fast, healthy and very tasty.