Branding case — Pozdnyakova

The aesthetics of interior beauty, where every detail is a work of art. This is about Ekaterina Pozdnyakova's projects. The team of the studio not only creates delightful interiors, but also produces author's decorative objects, which give individuality to any space.

Ekaterina approached us during an important stage in the studio's life - the company's move to a larger office. The new logo and elaborate corporate identity were symbols of the brand's transition to a new stage.
The font composition of the logo is elegantly written. The lightness of the handwriting combined with the boldness of the lines declares the nature of the brand — a free creator, a seeker, a tireless dreamer.
A stylish sloppiness in the uppercase P adds to the flair — as if the artist, when painting the logo, had deliberately allowed a smudge. It’s a reference to light chaos — an integral part of creativity.
The illustrative monogram in the form of a luxury front door invites you to take a peek into the wonderful world of a variety of interior solutions.
Fuchsia, as the main signature colour, serves as a striking accent. Not everyone can dare to make such a bold decision. But that’s where Catherine’s own strength and energy lies.
Branding sets the mood, but it absolutely does not say that interiors will be filled with bright colour. It’s about high taste and creative solutions that can be implemented in a variety of styles.
The bright colour itself is eye-catching — so all other print design techniques are minimalist. The brand identity elements are colourful and juicy — while retaining a premium look.
The weighty folder with the approved design project will take pride of place on the shelf of the studio’s clients and will be a reminder of the pleasant stage of life — the creation of a new dream space.
Holiday cards for customers have a special atmosphere. The fan-shaped window reveals a view of the forest at night, illuminated by the light of the crescent moon and glittering stars. The centrepiece of the composition is an impressively sized fir tree — the symbol of the New Year.
POZDNYAKOVA — these are timeless interiors. Stylish, aesthetic and incredibly cosy. The bright corporate style is a reflection of the creative nature of the studio. A celebration of life begins long before the housewarming party!
Magnetic, enigmatic, filled of history, the Marmel Home project. Here the soul of magnificent buildings is intertwined with the embodiment of the author’s interiors.