Branding case — Pelican

Branding for the fast food restaurant Pelican. Bright, juicy and fresh as a crunchy salad only from the hands of a chef. Here, the rhythms of the big city are embodied in the most remarkable values of millennials — eating fast, healthy and very tasty. Panasia and smoothies for lunch? Perfect choice!

The owners of a fast food restaurant approached us to develop their branding. The concept had to be completely thought and and enter the market with a new positioning. The target audience of the restaurant ranged from office workers in the neighbourhood to students and families with children. The establishment had to be stylish but friendly, bright but not kitschy. However, people should consider this price segment as average.
We created a brand platform, naming, logo and corporate identity for the restaurant. We also came up with a character that becomes the soul of the place.
A funny, cute Pelican greets guests in the interior of the restaurant, on branded dishes and lunch-boxes. He lifts the spirits and increases brand awareness. We’re sure you smiled too when you first saw him.
The colour palette of the corporate identity consists of bright but sophisticated hues. On the one hand it suggests an affordable price for the restaurant’s food, on the other hand the unobvious hues translate a serious approach to business. By the way, all dishes in the restaurant are prepared every day from fresh produce.
The establishment stands out for its vibrant character and friendly atmosphere. This is exactly the mood that the founders of the restaurant are also broadcasting. We have taken this into account in the platform and expressed it in the visual concept.
What makes a fast food restaurant unique is the combination of quality cuisine and affordable prices. At the same time, the menu includes traditional Russian dishes and original ones — wok, grilled meat and vegetables, salads from the chef. We imagined what the crockery for food delivery could be and created visualisations of them.
Every order is an experience. Not just of the new dish, but of Pelican itself. You never know what storyline you’ll see this time.
Pelican may be different but the quality is always the same! That is the secret of its guests' love.
The ironic branding frees customers from arrogance and the need to keep their backs straight. On the contrary, you want to wave goodbye to the waiter and relax with a laptop by the large window.
The branded plates that children love so much and that adults are so excited about. Why not launch a line of merch so visitors can use them at home too?
Outdoor advertising can be stylish. A photogenic facade is like an excuse to stop and take selfies.
We love this project and sometimes, when it’s lunchtime, we wish we could have Pelikan set up a nest near our office. Bon appétit!
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