Branding case — Maestro-Tour

Wake up serenely to the scent of orange trees in the south of France or fly to Africa to feed a giraffe from your hand for the first time in your life. The world of travel is infinite. Club travel agency MAESTRO-TOUR specialises in organisation of exclusive tours. It is for the chosen few, for those who are interested in getting impressions without changing the high level of comfort and service.

Catherine Nagaeva, the creator of the agency, asked us to create the company logo and corporate identity. We’ve kept the mood of the trip alive by framing it in an understated, elegant form.
Just as the light waves catching up with each other give character to the ocean, so the letters in the logo line up to create associations to the tranquil ripples of water.
When designing the corporate identity, we departed from the traditional image of salon in the travel industry. The MAESTRO-TOUR style is about excellent service and a special attitude to customers. A serious approach and premium quality. No flashy colours or stereotypical images.
Hotels that can’t be found on a bookings list, mesmerising views, respectable restaurants. The idea of an exceptionally unpretentious holiday is also reflected in the elements of the identity.
Envelopes for travel documents created from textured designer paperboard with magnetic closure. Logo embossed in gold.
The agency’s signature colour is natural grey. The colour of warm rocks by the sea and ancient castles, volcanic sand and iconic architectural elements around the world. Graphite grey is an expressive backdrop for the most striking experiences.
"Travelling and living is much more interesting if you follow sudden impulses," - Bill Bryson.
Taste the spices of Mexico or take a walk around Paris to return to an authentic flat overlooking Montmartre in the morning. Choose with your heart. At the flick of an envelope, the business jet will take you on an unforgettable adventure!
Quality optics isn’t just about vision. Eyewear is a beautiful accessory that attracts attention and makes the image memorable.