Branding case — Drevelman

With light strokes on the silk of the hair. The craftsman’s hand creates a pictorial text, exposing the power of thought and feeling into a thousand shades of ombré.

Artem Drevelman’s team of hair stylists create fashionable looks that meet the high demands of sophisticated fashionistas in the capital.

Gone from the glossy covers, not agreeing to mediocrity, pedantic, refined and sensual.

The identity was created for the DREVELMAN Concept salon in Moscow. A light renovation and a new story in the reflection of the corporate style.
DREVELMAN Concept brand’s graphics are dominated by the faces of exquisite girls in whom studio’s visitors recognize themselves and their beloved friend. Perfect lines and proportions complemented with emotion, life and depth of human relationships.
Another subject line of visual communication is the feeling of creativity, artistry and the state of flow expressed in the drops of paint falling from the brush.
Matte printing with embossing. Volume and high printing. Clients of the studio will feel the energy of changes long before they take their seats in the master’s chair.
The branded package combines a glossy and velvety soft-touch coating. The contrasts of textures continue the mood of girls who just a few minutes ago transformed from brunette to blonde or finally decided on fringes.
Ribbon with a logo is a special detail of branding. It plays an important role in the design of customer purchases and gifts.
Taking care of clients is not only about quality service, but also about follow-up afterwards. It’s important to present the recommendations in a presentable way to the client.
Is it possible to portray dynamics on paper? Yes, if creativity is the driving force behind the creator!
It’s not enough to think about the design, it’s important to implement it intelligently. From unconventional boxes with magnetic locks to cups "to go". And if the packaging you need doesn’t already exist, we find a production company which can create the missing puzzle especially for our customers.
Each concept we develop is a personal story filled with meanings. We don’t know the expectations of the people who come to us, and we never try to guess them. We just hear and strive to do the best we can. We are often surprised that this edge flies higher and higher with each new project — thanks to you!
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