Branding case — Arte Nova

Taking a handwritten font as the basis for the logo was one of the main wishes of Arte Nova founder Olga Timoshenko. The author’s interior design is always about the artist, about his look and feeling, about his handwriting. By the way, the concept is already close to our client through the last logo. What was needed was a fresh look, a new interpretation and colour.

The project includes a long-awaited summer, contrasts of emotions written in ink by hand, a bright afternoon and inspiration to create.
Logo is like a creator’s signature on a masterpiece presented to the world. As a symbol of unique author’s work, behind which lies the talent, knowledge and love for interior art of Arte Nova creators.
In the colour palette of the concept, we have preferred natural noble colours, in harmony with the desire of Arte Nova’s customers to surround themselves with harmony and true beauty.
The symbolic part of the logo symbolizes the chain, that connects the links of knowledge, experience, creativity, energy of designer and client. Appearances and facts, thoughts and actions are locked around one big goal: creating flawless interiors.
To paint a landscape, an artist will mix shades of oil paint with a brush hundreds of times. Colours will meet on the canvas to reflect depth and perspective, shadows and highlights. The ribbon may be slightly darker than the main colour — and in this combination, as in a painting, the play, the volume, the character is born.
It is important to carry the unity of colour and texture through the entire identity. Make every element part of one big picture: from printing to branded roulette.
Folder with design project, box with wax seal sticker, package — put together the perfect jigsaw puzzle for a festive client meeting.
Volumetric printing can be beaten with black gloss. In contrast to the matte base, such an inscription looks especially expressive.
Small details in corporate style, like furniture accessories. A memory stick in a genuine leather case with an engraved brass coloured holder — just like those luxury dressing table handles, for which you can fly to Rome for the weekend.
Wax seal stickers are a special love of ours. They add texture and make the composition complete. Opening the box with the design project is like the most long awaited gift. Isn’t it a joy?
A design project is always a personal story, a warm relationship between client and creator. Like receiving a letter, opening an envelope and reading a sincere message. Design is a conversation without words, it is a feeling that the viewer reads.
Storage boxes for tea or bean coffee — as a gift idea for partners and customers. The box can be refilled again — and it will remind the owner of a pleasant collaboration every morning.
Bursting with sincerity, wrapped in warmth — the corporate identity for Arte Nova, an interior design studio from Sakhalin.
From the heart and with care, Arte Nova gives customers unique greeting cards. An unmistakable attribute of a magical feast in brand colours, adorned with a velvet bow and a real bell.
To spend time in Biology is to immerse oneself in meditative pleasure, aesthetics and absolute tranquillity.