Branding case — Биология

The philosophy of the clinic Biologiya is aimed at maintaining the natural beauty of big city women. It is a unique space for Chelyabinsk, combining the latest technologies in cosmetology, spa and beauty services with caring service and a special attitude to the mental health of the clinic’s clients.

The first, chambery and cosy branch of Biologia was two years old when its founders decided to create a new, large-scale clinic. At the same time, it was important to maintain a warm sorority feel. It was at this stage that the need arose to update the logo and refresh the corporate identity. It was an incredibly delicate job to take the best and most native to the clinic’s clients and staff, while giving that very feeling of absolute rebirth.
The logo is a new story about the clinic’s core values: helping people living in the metropolis maintain harmony and beauty, using natural cosmetics in their practice and taking care of their clients' health with sensitivity and competence.
The branded graphics have a natural motif. Field plants set the mood for pleasant relaxation and speak of the value of natural beauty.
The combination of simple imagery and gold is not an oxymoron. On the contrary, the power of nature has incredible significance. The gift certificate for the clinic’s treatments introduces this philosophy to future clients. And for those who have already been to Biology, it becomes a pleasant surprise that offers aesthetic pleasure.
We designed a set of printed materials for the clinic in a corporate style. Natural shades, pleasant eco-friendly materials and stickers with a handwritten signature field. Warmth in every touch.
Spending time in Biology means immersing yourself in meditative pleasure, aesthetics and absolute tranquillity.
To prolong this feeling, quality home care cosmetics are available at the clinic. We have designed special boxes, branded thin wrapping paper and stickers for their packaging.
While waiting for the procedure, or already afterwards, clients spend time in the welcome area. The clinic receptionists are sure to offer tea or coffee with apple frippers. And on the road, they will carefully pour drinks to take with them.
Aesthetics are everything — and cosmetics bottles are no exception. We have designed minimalist labels for them that harmonise with the interiors of Biology.
Like the atmosphere of the clinic, the corporate identity does not evoke a sense of pathos. It seems to detach itself from any judgemental judgement and focuses on calm and professional work. And it certainly inspires the confidence of connoisseurs of true beauty and health.
No beauty in the world can compare to the beauty of self-discovery and the satisfaction that comes when you accept yourself for who you really are.

Sophia Loren
Once we trusted the specialists at the clinic ourselves — and fell in love. In that genuine passion for what they do, in that special attitude, in the feeling of happiness to come here again. And then the founders of the clinic trusted us — and allowed us to tell the story of Biology through our vision of the world and design. Thus, in a sincere dialogue, an energy emerges that warms all involved. We trust that when you view this page, you too will feel the warmth!
The identity was created for the DREVELMAN Concept salon in Moscow. A light renovation and a new story in the reflection of the corporate identity.