Branding case — Texture

Self-development, inspiration and love for what they do — this is about the designers of the interior bureau Texture from Rostov-on-Don. The team has a creative approach to the creation of interiors, trying to bring new meanings and authorial techniques into each project.

Before we met, the company had a logo, which they designed themselves. The time came when the previous corporate identity no longer matched the level of the bureau’s projects. Then Texture executives turned to us for a new logo and corporate identity, which became the basis for unique printing.
The premium logo is austere yet soft and flowing. A capital T is solid and fundamental, reflecting quality and reliability. The lowercase letters are airy, like the brush strokes of an artist. Subconsciously, the logo is read as something three-dimensional and textured, referring to the company name.
The monogram is an abbreviation for Texture bureau. The letters are connected to each other, creating a whole. Symbolically, the textured paint stroke is a reflection of the creative approach to the work.
The corporate identity is modern and original, emphasising the creativity of the projects. The image of the office is able to tell potential clients without any words that here is a company ready to create and impress.
The identity we have developed for the firm has become an inspiration for both the designers and their lovely clients.
The corporate colours are navy blue, beige and white. There is harmony in the symbiosis of these shades. Combined with anarchic brushstrokes they create a beguiling chaos which embodies creativity and the singularity of art.
Festive design of branded cards and atmospheric texts with wishes — a unique greeting for Texture’s clients.
The 2022 New Year cards are in blue. This solution blends in with the company’s other graphics and becomes another puzzle in the overall picture of the office’s corporate identity.
The new logo and the elaborate corporate identity are symbols of the company’s transition to the next level. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey, which we are happy to be a part of.
"The new home is the centre of your universe"