Branding case — Li Design

LiDesign studio specialists provide comprehensive management of interior design projects from idea to final implementation. The company is based in St Petersburg. The architecture of our native city has certainly influenced the artistic handwriting of the studio’s founder Marina Donkovtseva. It was this fact that inspired us to create the logo.

Together with LiDesign we have come a long way in implementing the corporate identity. From the most basic elements to unique, authorial details.
Majestic, dense, monumental branding, as if sparkling with gold St. Isaac’s Cathedral from the window of FS Lion Palace, which is opposite. The descriptor, on the other hand, has a loose handwriting that adds a sense of encounter with the artist and creator to the composition.
The studio’s clients are people who care about their comfort and surround themselves with beauty. When choosing an interior designer for their future home, they want to understand that they are turning to professionals and aesthetes. Branded printing conveys these values.
Signing a contract is a celebration. A joyous moment marking the start of construction of a new home that clients will love. Why not make the moment even more festive with a luxury document folder?
And after the meeting — fold the papers into an elegant bag and head to the restaurant to drink a glass of champagne!
The studio’s designers chose to place the project specifications in a separate folder in convenient A4 format. In it, we’ve provided a quality, thick envelope for receipts and cash — the small repair costs take on a new, beautiful form of organisation.
A branded bag made of thick fabric is a must-have for studio designers. It’s handy to move from object to object, taking fabric samples and colouring with you. Then you can go straight to the furniture showroom with the client — the bag will be a stylish addition to the image. By the way, the handle sits very comfortably on the shoulder, we’ve checked!
In 2022, LiDesign opened a new direction — individual tailoring of interior textiles and excellent quality linens. We welcome new ideas from our favourite customers. As the company grows, so does the corporate identity. For additional direction, we have changed the lettering in the logo while maintaining the style of the studio’s core concept.
Linens from LiDesign is an important component of the sensual filling of the interior. Inspirational emotions accompany the clients from the first meeting with the textiles, when the courier delivers a luxurious box, which is so pleasant to touch — and which one cannot wait to open!
Feel the attraction of the lid with a magnetic lock, peeling back the brand label, opening the rustling thin papyrus — long awaited and such pleasurable moments. Like a ritual, an anticipation of a new level of pleasure.
LiDesign is an experience. It is joy in detail and pleasant surprises for clients. It is the delight and the most inspiring dreams that become reality.
The client will make notes of the wonderful time spent creating their home in a beautiful notebook. The notes, written in the process, will become a pleasant memory after the renovation is completed. On the first page of the gift book is a personal message from the founder of LiDesign, and in a fan of "milky" sheets, the notebook’s owner will find illustrations of the interiors, hand-painted by our designers.
You can learn more about all the studio’s activities and philosophy on the pages of our website, which we have created with the utmost attention to every detail.
Designing a logo is an incredibly personal and creative process. And it’s just the beginning. The emerging "picture" has an impressive journey ahead of it. Sometimes we can’t even guess where it will take us. Together with our clients, we enthusiastically embrace the process. And we know for sure that the road will be full of challenges and solutions, artistic pursuits and spectacular realisations!
The aesthetics of interior beauty, where every detail is a work of art. This is about Ekaterina Pozdnyakova’s projects.