Branding case — Lampa

Space is like an intellectual conversation, like a touch of high art. Subtle and relaxing, like a young wine. At the same time sensual and deep. These are the feelings one gets upon meeting Jana Grosheva’s interior design studio.

The LAMPA Design Studio team translates its vision into work on separate and commercial spaces. In Russia and abroad. It is a modern classic, bright, charismatic and incredibly elegant. The company’s corporate identity, identity and website are in the same breath!
Get lost in the cosy streets of Paris, get lost in the flea market and buy vintage crystal from a charming merchant, eat ice cream at Le Procope, a favourite café of Rousseau, Robespierre and Balzac. To be an interior designer is to be an incorrigible dreamer, greedy for beauty, emotions and life itself. We absorb these feelings and express them in a corporate style.
We created these postcards and understood why Corsica is called an island of beauty and joy. Here weighty lemons stretch to the ground on their green branches, the sun beams gently down from a cloudless sky, and a Hollywood star emerges from a thicket of rose hips in a bright outfit, sipping champagne and lighting up the world with a smile.
An interior is always more than a pretty picture. It is a visual and tactile emotion. It’s a celebration of form, colour, lines. To look at, to run your fingertips over the velvety surface, to feel the coolness of the brushed copper. Is it possible to express it in a single image if one has to say it without words? Yes!
Sign a contract to become the owner of a folder that expressively lays on the table — anything is possible in the world of design!
Be inspired by the creations of great masters and create. See the world in a special way and know that this is the main value that distinguishes a true artist.
The interior brush is one of the iconic elements of Lampa’s visual strategy. With it, the textured cardboard card becomes a work of art. Giving it as a gift to your clients means expressing your respect, gratitude for the journey we have made together and sincere love.
The magnificent world of Studio LAMPA has its own cosy space on the world wide web. Learn true values, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the studio, stroll through the gallery of projects. We have created a site that has a soul.
Yana Grosheva’s subtle, sensual perception of design stirs our hearts every time. We are grateful for our alliance and the opportunity to create freely, filling the visual image of the company with true beauty.
To tame forms, volumes, textures to in a single phrase to express all the innermost thoughts.