Branding case — Fortuna Branding

The elusive rays of the dawn sun touch the soul intangibly. They are feelings that require no explanation. They are emotions to be silently and deeply lived together. Images, lines, colour — it is a dialogue that transcends mundane discussions. It is an art that fascinates, delights and has an incredible power. The power of harmony and love.

In the office portfolio, you can see the stories of the corporate styles we have created by immersing ourselves in the thoughts and feelings of our clients. This page is us. Our revelations and naked feelings.
There could only be one naming for a company. For those seeing it for the first time, it’s a beautiful word with an inspiring meaning. In reality, the story is more complicated and subtle:
Our sun burns with gold — as our hearts burn with fire. You are sure to feel this warmth. During the creation of your branding. And afterwards, when we give you the symbol of the Fortuna Bureau — the magical BookDream.

We give this book as a gift to clients whose projects start or are renewed with us. So that the pages preserve first thoughts and feelings, plans and contacts… so that many years later you can dive into the memories and smile.
Branding is the way of your life’s work. We know there is a lot of hard work behind every business. The energy swirls in an incredible whirlwind and there are always moments that energise and give you the strength to go forward again and again. Write them down on thick, milky sheets of paper. Let it be a meditation and a message to the future.
BookDream cannot be bought. We give it as a token of our gratitude and respect. It’s all about the feeling, remember?
And these phrases that you come across as you leaf through the pages, may they inspire you to never stop. You really are changing the world and making it even more beautiful.
We create our own moods. In our thoughts and intentions.
We can prepare a printed guide to your corporate identity and send it along with DreamBook. It contains all the important information about the use of graphics. This document will help you keep your brand visuals exactly as we designed them.
When you need to order new print or design a website, you won’t have to search for font names or pick up corporate colours again. Guideline will help your marketers feel confident in the application of corporate identity. And if you need our help, we’re here for you!
Do you like to receive gifts? We love to give them. And hand-signing cards. There’s a special charm to it, isn’t there?
When design takes over your life, minimalism becomes incredibly appealing in its own world. White textured paper and proper spacing — a blank sheet of paper that has magical power.
On Christmas Eve, our office looks like Santa’s secret residence. While the designers sign the cards, the project manager pedantically cuts the ribbons. Then we fill boxes together and remember how your brand stories were born. We send festive parcels across the country. And we know that you will enjoy our attention and warmth.
A couple of months before New Year’s Eve, we start thinking about a new festive concept. In 2021, the main idea was magic candles with a merry-go-round. A mechanism with stars and angels unwinded the flames. Together we launched the kindest of thoughts into the world.
Traditionally, we also create branded animations. Everyone’s favourite fairytales that create the most festive mood.
First, of course, you have to come up with an idea. And draw it up to have a discussion in the Fortuna Family chat room. And may it be midnight on the clock.
Then we’ll watch the cartoons themselves. And give it a million hearts. And write, "Whoa! Yeah!" And look forward to showing them to you.
Our sun is shining for you. Every story has a sequel. The continuation of our creative story is in every new project. Let’s take a look, shall we?
A new reality based on timeless values.