Branding case — ADDE

ADDE is a family-run design and cabinet furniture studio from St Petersburg. The company has been on the market for over 15 years. Its own production gives designers the freedom to create projects not only through the competent selection of furniture from well-known brands, but also by designing and implementing author’s products made of wood and quality components. Both our own clients and interior designers come to the studio.

We designed the company’s naming, logo and corporate identity. And when all the work was done, the company entered a new stage of positioning. The studio’s visual identity underlined the true message of the brand’s founders — to create interiors and furniture of excellent quality.
Getting to know each other always starts with the name. The sounds in the name ADDE reflect the character of the studio. The first vowel A is appealingly open, the two stern steady DDs speak of an emphasis on quality. The sonorous, weighty naming combines the creative side of the company — design — and the more down-to-earth, man-made side of furniture production.
An expressive logo, based on a modern, minimalist font. Fundamental stability, reliability, excellent quality. The ADDE logo is like a functional designer’s chest of drawers with the letter E in free-flowing lettering — like subtle elements that give the logo a distinctive look.
Elegant business cards made of thick cardboard are made in noble shades — a different colour is chosen for each designer of the ADDE team. A kinesthetic pleasure to touch the pleasant matte texture of business cards.
The design of the document folder is minimalist. Based on matte heavyweight paper in a noble olive shade, the logo is embossed in a three-dimensional design. On the fold-out, customers are greeted by the company logo in shimmering gold.
"No materials or expensive furniture will make a home livable if its design is ill-conceived to begin with." Kelly Hoppen

The algorithms of excellent design are sure to be told in ADDE.
Modernity, style and sheer convenience. The spacious, concise ADDE shopper is ideal for on-site trips and salon visits with clients.
As you run past the salon, take a look at the ADDE posters and smile. The art of advertising is to touch the viewer and leave a pleasant aftertaste for the day. And that means on to a design project and a lifetime in a new cosy home afterwards.
New Year cards decorated with velvet ribbons. Originality in ADDE style. Noble aesthetics and Christmas cosiness. We make the holiday ourselves — but a little magic never hurt!
ADDE designers strive to guess the wishes of their clients, to create and make the world more beautiful. We are happy to watch the corporate identity unfold in this magical creative process of studio life.
Self-development, inspiration and love for what they do — this is about the designers of the interior design bureau Texture from Rostov-on-Don.