Simple Interiors is an endless flight of creative thought and love. This meaning intangibly enters the mind from the first page of the website. The unique author’s animation becomes the beginning of a great story — and we invite you into a world of superb interiors and an impressive philosophy of creating them.
The site’s graphics have a unique handwriting. The design is immersive, but doesn’t distract attention from the main thing — the photographs of the delightful interiors. Rather, it is a dialogue, a symbiosis of meanings, a whole.
On the site you’ll find animated techniques and special details that will keep you captivated for a long time. Compare visualizations and photos of the realised interior by moving the cursor. The best proof of the quality of the work of the Simple team, isn’t it?
The team page on the website literally comes to life with the experts at Simple. We have added emotion by posting not only photos in several angles, but also videos.
The energy of the Simple team is revealed in the sincere smiles and personal texts that tell a story about the approach to work. Get to know the team — and fall in love with everyone to immediately sign a dream interior design contract.
Details create the unique atmosphere of an interior. To set the right accents and feel the mood is an art the designers at the bureau have mastered to perfection. In designing the website, we have followed the same principle: attention to every nuance — to the feeling of absolute delight in the heart.
Most users are experiencing the website for the first time on a phone screen, so a high-quality mobile adaptive is important. Especially for this version of the website, we developed a separate font and spacing system, and adapted images and animations.
Create, invent, coordinate — we love this slogan. We developed this website together with Simple Interiors. It has been an incredible, powerful and fascinating process, with ideas and inspiration flowing from head to toe.

If you feel an overwhelming thirst for inspiration and beauty, we recommend freeing up an evening to open the web resource on the big screen. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as a good movie or a favourite book.